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Are you experiencing boiler issues and you own a Vaillant boiler and live in Essex? if so why not call one of our friendly staff members on 01268 222731. With over 25 years experience with Vaillant boilers Our Basildon based Vaillant repair team can pretty much fix any vaillant!   Based in Basildon, Essex we cover 95% of Essex and surround counties. Please see below a list of boilers covered, this list may change so please enquire if it is not listed


Models of Vaillant combis covered:

There are a wide range of Vaillant boilers that we repair in Essex, the most commonly known are Vaillant combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers.  Vaillant system boilers have the pump already inside the boiler and conventional boilers have external pump which gives more flexibility for bigger systems.  

Below is just some of the Vaillant boilers we can diagnose, service and repair.  Don’t forget we also offer landlord safety checks also known as CP12s.

  • Sine 18 T3W
  • VC/VCW
  • Turbomax and Turbomax /1E


    (242E/282E – 242/1E 282/1E)

  • VU / VUW Turbomax…. PLUS

    Turbomax Plus 824E / 828E

    Turbomax Plus 837E

  • Ecomax Pro 18E / 28E
  • Ecomax Range
  • Ecomax 800 Range
  • Ecotec Range 824 / 831
  • Ecotec Exclusive
  • Ecotec Plus 415/418

Common Vaillant Fault Codes

There are some common issues you can come across on Vaillant boilers see the fault codes below:

Fault Code F22 – Low water pressure

This is probably the most common fault code.  Usually, it means over time your boiler has lost pressure in the system also known as losing water somewhere.  If your boiler falls below 1.0 bar of pressure on the gauge its becoming dangerously close to cutting out.  If your boiler is losing pressure on a regular basis you may well have a leak on your system, your PRV or ‘pressure release valve’ or you expansion vessel is failing causing your boiler to discharge via your PRV.  The simple fix is to fill up your boiler via the filling loop to 1.5 bar pressure.  If your boiler still shows the F22 fault, you may well have a faulty pressure gauge.


Fault Code F75 – Pressure issues

This is typically a blocked pressure sensor!  When the pressure sensor is blocked it cannot detect the pump spinning which in turn the boiler will not be able to detect that there is a rise in pressure.  If this problem persists, then the system may be dirty and require a powerflush.  Our gas safe engineers can resolve this issue for you.

Fault Code F27 & F28 – Condense

You may have a blocked condense pipe!  Typically your condense pipe is undersized, frozen in the chilly winter months or installed incorrectly and running up hill.  if your condense is frozen put warm water on the pipe but NOT boiler water as this can crack the pipe!  If this does not fix the issue the blocked condense pipe may need re running.

Symptoms can include your boiler sounding like a washing machine, if this is the case, turn the boiler off ASAP as a precaution in case your boiler gets flooded. 


Fault Code F62

Gas valve is jammed closed or PCB is not sending power to the gas valve.  You will almost certainly need a gas safe engineer to complete this job.

Fault Code F28 – Ignition Fault

This fault belongs to the TurboMax Range – When your boiler fails to ignite this can be cause of a faulty or worn ignition lead or the gas valve is failing to open.  The PCB could also be to blame if it is not sending power to the gas valve.

Hollybrook Basildon & Laindon Vaillant Boiler Repair Team

Based in Basildon, Laindon the Hollybrook Group Ltd Essex Team have over 25 years experience we cover the follow postcodes in this area
– SS15 Laindon Vaillant Boiler Repair

– SS15 Basildon Vaillant Boiler Repair Company

– SS15 Noak Bridge Vaillant emergency Repair
– SS14 Basildon Vaillant Repair
– SS13 Pitsea Vaillant Boiler Repair

– SS13 Vange Vaillant Boiler Repair