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    thermal leak detection

    Leak Detection Essex

    Leaks are expensive and dangerous, while boiler leaks leave you without heat or hot water. A burst pipe, a boiler losing pressure, or an abnormally high water bill must be addressed as soon as possible; doing so only makes matters worse.  Using the latest technology we can target the problem areas with no mess or fuss and in turn could save much more damage and expense

    There is no need to struggle

    Our Leak Detection Team in Essex can locate most leaks swiftly, and because the majority of people have insurance coverage for “Trace and Access,” our fees can be reimbursed quickly. We are independent; your interests come first to us. We’ve dealt with insurers’ excuses not to pay out on insurance claims, as well as how to deal with them. We’re happy with what we do, and we want to assist our clients in comprehending the leak detection process.

    To minimize the financial impact, we will contact you immediately or browse around our website to learn more about the technology we employ, such as thermal imaging, acoustic leak detection, tracer gas detection, and more. We also have information on the insurance procedure and a FAQ that addresses many common queries. A leak can be stressful, so we make sure an insurance claim can be made if necessary to avoid additional expenses.

    Advantages of using Hollybrook leak detection

    Leaks caused by faulty boilers can be discovered.
    Leak detection by non-destructive methods
    Claims assistance is available.
    Keep expenses to a bare minimum
    Avoid high water costs
    Reduce property damage and disruption to a minimum.
    Provide photographs and recommendations in a detailed report.
    We can assist your existing plumber.
    Water damage repair assistance is available.

    Latest Leak Detection Equipment

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    Our highly trained team of leak detection specialists can find 99.9% of all leaks. Leaks detected by non-destructive methods

    Highly Trained Team

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    We have a large amount of specialist engineers on the road, so we can get to most emergencies on the same day.

    Fast & Efficient Service

    We are rated 5 Stars on TrustPilot
    It is extremely important to us that we continue to maintain our 5 star rating on trust pilot.  Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Priority


    The UK’s first and only ‘no-find, no-fee water leak detection service is provided by Hollybrook Group Services. With the least amount of upheaval, we offer water leak detection services and insurance helps… A water leak outside or on the ground floor may go unnoticed for a long time.


    Is your boiler pressure or heating not operating? If you have to add water every few hours to keep the boiler or heating system up, there’s a leak somewhere in your central heating system or boiler.


    An important component of leak detection is by using damp investigation. Damp diagnosis is crucial since it can allow mould to develop and cause wet rot if left unaddressed. Damp or mould growth, but older homes may be naturally damp, particularly in basement rooms that have been made into living areas. A leak may cause the sudden arrival of moisture. Hollybrook Group Services’ damp investigation is conducted with cutting-edge equipment and our vast experience to determine the source and nature of a wet problem.


    Hollybrook Group Services employs two methods of leak detection to confirm leaks with exactitude. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for locating leaks, and we are the only “no cost” leak detection business with a vested interest in not just finding but discovering your leak! All equipment has its own degree of quality and function, which affects the outcomes. There is a range of price, quality, and functionality that may influence results. Only the most up-to-date technology and instruments are used to provide accurate findings while also finding your leak.

    Are you struggling to trace a leak? Contact us today on 01268 222731 or...

    Our Equipment

    Not only does Hollybrook Group Services use the finest technology, but it also invests in premium rather than low-cost gear.

    Without causing any damage to your property, our engineers use the finest quality ‘state of the art’ products to detect a leak or burst pipe.

    We’ve discovered leaks that other leak detection services and water authorities missed, which have persisted for more than 20 years!

    Our service includes photographic reports for your records and to help with insurance claims. Trace and Access, as well as Escape of Water, may be used to cover the inspection cost, water damage repair, and water damage restoration services.

    A leaking bath or shower can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and we can help with drying and repair services.

    Whether you have a water leak, damp problem, or your boiler is losing pressure; we’ve helped thousands of customers locate leaks, heating issues, and damp problems.

    Water Leak Detection

    Water leaks outside or on the ground floor can go undetected for an extended period of time. A water leak outside or on the ground floor might go unnoticed for a long time. Water mains and supply lines may leak without causing any visible damage or indication of deterioration, yet they gradually erode foundations and cause significant property damage as well as potential spread to adjacent homes.

    You may only become aware of a leak after receiving a high water bill or letter from your local water authority informing you of a potential water leak.

    The water authority checks at night for water loss with simple acoustic “listening sticks” or a monitoring device called a “LeakFrog” on your water meter. We are award winners, and we are confident enough to say that if you have these problems, Hollybrook Group Services can help! “If we don’t find it, you don’t have to pay for it.”

    We think this is a fantastic offer! We were the first and only in the business brave enough to provide leak detection to most domestic customers on this ‘no-find-no-fee’ basis that other leak detection firms struggle to compete with. We’re pleased we were able to persuade them (complaining bitterly) to comply. There are restrictions attached, but we feel they are quite reasonable.

    We assist with submitting your insurance claim, as well as assisting you in obtaining your house dried and repaired after any water leak damage or detecting and repairing the leak.

    Benefits of using Hollybrook Group Services:

    • Undertaken on a ‘no-find no-fee basis,’*
    • Assistance with insurance claims was required for this project.
    • As part of an insurance claim, it is completely refundable.
    • We begin mitigation as soon as possible.
    • Leak detection that isn’t destructive
    • Keep expenditures to a bare minimum.
    • Avoid high water costs
    • Reduce property damage and inconvenience
    • Give photographs of your projects as progress reports.

    We can find water leaks inside using our high-tech equipment:

    • Ceramic or vinyl tiled floors
    • Laminate flooring
    • Suspended Floors
    • Carpeted floors
    • Amtico/Vinyl flooring
    • Lino flooring