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    Gas Landlord Safety Check in Essex

    Whether you are a novice or an experienced landlord, you must adhere to legal requirements when allowing tenants to inhabit and pay for your property.


    If you are a landlord in Essex, we understand that you want to ensure your property is safe for everyone who lives there. That’s why we provide Landlord Safety Certificates in Essex to guarantee the security of your tenants–whether they be families or students. These need to be done every 12 months!  We don’t just certify properties; our team can also make sure those living within them are content with their residence experience!


    We understand that keeping your tenants safe is a priority, but we also recognize the importance of protecting your rental property and its systems from any potential malfunctions. We are all familiar with the significant costs associated when plumbing or heating failures occur.

    Abiding by the law...

    It is a requirement to undertake maintenance services on a regular basis, so that you can ensure all of your appliances and chimneys are safe and serviced as per the manufacturers’ requirements. Any gas appliance that is owned by tenants, however, are not the landlord’s responsibility.

    Why your Rented Essex Property requires a gas safety check

    Following installation, repair, service or parts replacement on Landlords / Tenents gas appliances – the appliance must be checked for Safety, Ventilation, Flueing, Gas Rate, Pressure, Gas Tightness etc.. All of these checks are included in a Landlords Gas Certificate.

    A safety check can typically take about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the ammount of appliances in a property. 

    Gas appliances tests can be checked for:

    Flue Condition
    Gas Operating Pressures
    Gas Rates
    Safety Devices Spillage & Flue Flow
    Combustion Analysis Ventilation
    Other visual checks, leaks & corrosion etc

    Service Pricing

    Landlord Safety Check
    Safety, Ventilation, Flueing, Gas Rate, Pressure, Gas Tightness etc
    Full Service
    Full service will include seals, burner removal and clean and more....

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    It is extremely important to us that we continue to maintain our 5 star rating on trust pilot.  Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Priority

    Checks Completed

    Visual Safety Check
    A visual safety check will carried out to check for any weapy joints, corrosion, flue inspection and all other visual aspects to make sure everything is as it should be.
    Flue Condition
    The flue will be inspected fully to make sure that there is no corrosion or any signs of near term issues that could cause combustion or spilling issues.
    Gas Operating Pressures
    We will check to see that the boiler is receiving the correct input of gas from the meter. Too much gas or not enough gas can cause the boiler to burn badly and or increase gas bills.

    Combustion Analysis
    Combustion analysis will give the engineer an overview of the performance of the boilers combustion. We will check that the emissions are burning cleanly and adjust t
    Gas Rate
    We perform a gas rate to make sure you boiler is using the correct amount of gas and that you are getting optimum performance from your appliance
    Safety Devices Spillage & Flue Flow
    All safety devices are checked to make sure your boiler is running safely and will cut off when required. We will also check to make sure we are not putting anyone at risk when the appliance is in use.
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    Our Highly trained team of gas engineers can issue you a Landlord Gas Safety Check in Essex on the spot using our digital technology.

    Highly Trained Team

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    Our engineers can be with you normally within 24 hours of initial enquiry to issue your landlord safety check in your Essex property

    Fast & Efficient Service

    CP12 Land Lord Safety check certificated by Hollybrook Group Covering Essex, Basildon, Laindon, Pitsea, Vange

    Based in Basildon, Laindon the Hollybrook Group Ltd Team offer CP12 Landlord safety checks and certificates in the following areas
    – SS15 Laindon CP12 Landlord Cert

    – SS15 Basildon CP12 Landlord Cert

    – SS15 Noak Bridge CP12 Landlord Cert
    – SS14 Basildon CP12 Landlord Cert
    – SS13 Pitsea CP12 Landlord Certifcate

    – SS13 Vange Landlord Safety Check

    Do you need a Landlord CP12 safety check quickly? Contact us today

    Keep Your Property Safeguarded


    We commit to providing our clients with extraordinary plumbing and heating service. Our inspection and servicing solutions stand out from the competition, delivering a first-class experience that is unrivaled in this market.


    You can rest assured that both your property and tenants are in safe hands when you entrust us. We guarantee to meet all of the legal obligations expected from a Landlord and offer periodic inspections as an extra layer of security. To preserve boiler, heating, and plumbing systems we ensure regular servicing is conducted at your location for unbeatable reliability.


    Our Services Include:


    • Perform regular landlord inspections and servicing.
    • Installation and upkeep of gas boilers and heating systems, ensuring optimum energy efficiency for your home.
    • Maintaining plumbing and drainage systems
    • A veritable array of property contracts await your perusal
    • Keep your property safe
    • Protecting your tenants
    • Available to take care of emergencies


    We have crafted our services to provide various levels of support. Phone us at 01268 222731 or drop us a line to learn more about how we can secure your property and ensure that your system is in compliance with rental regulations. With our help, you will be able to rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of!


    Boiler and Gas Safety Inspection CP12


    As a Landlord, it is your obligation to have your rental property examined and tested for gas safety compliance in order to meet the stringent regulations.


    Not only is a CP12 certificate legally necessary, but it must be shown to financiers, insurers, and letting agents. This documentation serves as unequivocal proof that you are adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by law; ensuring your property remains safe and suitable for use when renting out.


    According to the document, your gas system must be inspected at least once a year. Our team of technicians can visit your property and examine the boiler, hob, and fireplace thoroughly to make sure that everything is working properly for optimal safety.


    By staying ahead of your boiler’s maintenance needs and conducting routine inspections, you can ensure that it continues to operate properly while reducing the risk of any future breakdowns.


    By inspecting the boiler, we can recognize any potential problems that could cause it to malfunction. By keeping up with routine maintenance of your boiler, you are protecting it from future breakdowns and reducing the risk of costly repairs or services.


    Are you in need of a landlord safety certificate and live in Essex? We would love for you to reach out to us so we can chat about your specific needs.