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Are you searching for a reliable and efficient Potter boiler repair company in Essex? Look no further! Hollybrook Group Ltd. provides top-notch services, ensuring a prompt response to your callout, typically within 12 working hours. Contact us today at 01268 222731 to experience our dependable assistance firsthand.

If you’re currently facing challenges with your Potterton boiler, there’s no need to panic. Many of these issues can be resolved without the involvement of a heating engineer. Explore our informative guide to discover which problems you can tackle on your own. However, in case of uncertainty or when in doubt, it’s always recommended to seek advice from an expert. That’s where Boiler Guide comes in handy, as we assist you in obtaining free repair quotes from qualified professionals. Trust us to connect you with the right experts who can efficiently address your boiler concerns.

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Based in Basildon, Laindon the Hollybrook Group Ltd Essex Team have over 25 years experience with Potterton boilers and we cover the follow postcodes in this area
– SS15 Laindon Potterton Boiler Repair

– SS15 Basildon Potterton Boiler Repair Company

– SS15 Noak Bridge Potterton emergency Repair
– SS14 Basildon Potterton Repair
– SS13 Pitsea Potterton Boiler Repair

– SS13 Vange Potterton Boiler Repair

Most Common Potterton Boiler Issues

Radiators not reaching the correct temperature

When your radiators are not reaching the correct temperature or are only partially heating up, it indicates the presence of trapped air in the system. To resolve this issue, you need to bleed the radiators to release the excess air and restore proper functioning

Boiler pressure low (showing error code E119)

A sudden drop in boiler pressure signifies a potential leak in the system. Immediately turn off the water supply and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. However, gradual drops in pressure can be addressed without professional assistance.

If you notice the E119 error code or a pressure reading below 1 bar on the pressure gauge, it indicates low system pressure. Ideally, the pressure should be around 1.5 bars. You can increase the boiler pressure yourself using our exclusive guide, which provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.

No hot water from your taps

If you’re experiencing a lack of hot water from your taps, it’s likely due to a problem with the diverter valve. This valve controls whether hot water is directed to the radiators or showers. If it becomes stuck, only one can receive hot water, leaving you without hot water for showers.

To address this issue, it’s important to have a Gas Safe registered engineer examine the diverter valve and determine if it needs repair or replacement.

The condensate pipe is frozen (showing error code E133)

The condensate pipe is responsible for directing acidic water away from the boiler. In colder months, this pipe can freeze, causing a blockage and resulting in a boiler lockout.

If your condensate pipe has frozen, you can thaw it yourself by following the instructions provided in Boiler Guide’s instructional guide, which includes a video. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Thawing a frozen condensate pipe

If your condensate pipe has frozen, you don’t need to call in a heating engineer! Boiler Guide provides an instructional guide (with video) on how to thaw the pipe. However, if you feel at all uncomfortable attempting this yourself, please consult with a Gas Safe registered engineer for assistance.


Boiler is turning off on its own

If your boiler repeatedly shuts off, it could be due to low water pressure, thermostat issues, or a closed valve preventing proper functioning. If you’re unable to resolve the issue yourself or unsure of the underlying problem, we highly recommend contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer for professional assistance.

Remember, when dealing with boiler problems, safety should always be a priority. Consulting a qualified professional ensures that the issues are correctly diagnosed and resolved, minimizing any risks or further damage to the system.

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If your Potteron boiler is over 8 years old – it may be time for an upgrade. Fortunately, Hollybrook Group’s experts can help you determine if that’s the case and which boiler best fits your needs. For one-on-one advice, chat with us online or check out our website to learn more!


What types of Potterton boiler issues require a Hollybrook Gas Engineer

To help you identify and troubleshoot common boiler problems, we’ve provided the following information in a concise format.

Problem: No heating or hot water

Possible Cause: Malfunctioning diaphragms, airlocks, motorized valves, thermostat issues, or low water levels can lead to boiler performance issues.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Leaking and dripping

Possible Cause: Internal component malfunction causing water leakage from various points.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Loud clanking, whistling, or bubbling sounds

Possible Cause: Air trapped in pipes, low water pressure, or kettling (buildup of limescale).

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Pilot light going out

Possible Cause: A damaged thermocouple disrupts the gas supply.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Boiler losing pressure

Possible Cause: Water leak in the system or recent radiator bleeding can cause pressure loss.

Do you need an engineer? If there is a leak, yes. Otherwise, no.


Problem: Frozen condensate pipe

Possible Cause: Check your boiler’s fault code or warning notification for troubleshooting guidance.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Thermostat issues

Possible Cause: The thermostat may be turned off or set incorrectly.

Do you need an engineer? Consider upgrading your thermostat for better efficiency and comfort.

Problem: Kettling in Potterton boiler

Possible Cause: Look for limescale or sludge buildup on the heat exchanger.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Problem: Insufficient heat from radiators

Possible Cause: Air or sludge blockage in the system causing uneven heat distribution.

Do you need an engineer? You can bleed the radiators yourself, but seek professional assistance if needed.

Problem: Boiler frequently turns off

Possible Cause: Low water pressure, faulty thermostat, closed valves, air bubbles, or pump circulation issues can disrupt water flow.

Do you need an engineer? Yes

Remember, while some issues can be addressed independently, it’s always advisable to consult an engineer for accurate diagnosis and proper resolution of boiler problems.